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Mortgage Checklist

The following information is usually required during the loan process.  To speed along your loan process, please start to collect these items for faster processing. 

Please keep in mind that some documents may not apply to you or may be difficult to provide.  If you have questions about these items, or have trouble collecting them, please contact us so that we can assist you in this process. 

  • Current driver’s license or photo ID

  • Copy of the trust papers if you want the property held in a trust. 

  • Copy of accepted contract signed by purchasers and sellers, copy of earnest money check

  • Check for $395.00 for application fee (covers appraisal and credit reports fees).  Please make the check payable to First State Bank Mortgage.  This is not due at application, but will be needed to facilitate an appraisal order.

  • Present employer’s name, address and phone number.  Length of employment, position and salary. If employed less than two years, please provide previous employer’s name, address and phone number to cover two consecutive years.  Exact dates are required.

  • Most recent two years W-2

  • Current pay check stub reflecting year-to-date income of 30 days or more.

  • If self-employed or paid any commission or have any business income, please bring complete copies of your federal tax returns along with all schedules and W-2s for the past two years.  Include corporate or partnership returns, if applicable, for your business.  Also include a year-to-date P & L statement.

  • Evidence of child support payments for the last 12 months, if applicable, along with divorce decree and court order for child support payment and alimony.

  • Verification of other income needed to qualify, such as retirement, rental, interest or dividend income.  If receiving Social Security or pension income, please bring current awards letter.

  • If applying for MHDC grant, the past three years’ federal tax returns are required.

  • Last two months’ bank statements for all accounts.  Please provide explanations of any deposits larger than normal paycheck.

  • If you have a property for sale, please bring the accepted offer to purchase or copy of listing contract.

  • If you own investment properties, please provide address, name of mortgage lender, mortgage statement and lease agreement on properties.

  • Divorce decree order or any financial obligation incurred through a court order, if applicable.

  • If any judgments or bankruptcy has been filed, please supply a copy of the judgment or bankruptcy discharge and petition.  Also, furnish a letter of explanation of the same.

  • For a VA Loan, please provide a certificate of eligibility and a copy of DD 214

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